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Not Forgotten
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  1. James Traylor says:

    Touching story.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like it.

  2. Sarah says:

    That is just so sad. No child should ever have to go through that. That abuse, the fear, and just not being loved. It makes my heart hurt, and I’m going to love on my babies a little more today.

  3. Ciara says:

    Very heartbreaking story ?

  4. Heartbreaking. And you’re right, the worst part is that there are so many other kids out there with similar stories.

  5. Amen sister! This is a major problem and we need to end it! Thanks for sharing and speaking up!

  6. This is extremely sad! And unfortunately happens all to often. Thank you for doing your part to spread the word and make a change for these children.

  7. kristelle says:

    so touching story. we should always take care of our children

  8. oussama says:

    so interesting, thanks for sharing the story

  9. moumita says:

    Its a heart breaking one. People should always take care of the close ones

  10. unibooth says:

    horrific to known that she was abused by her own grandparents!! scary, children are like a pot from wet clay which can damage even if it got a very thin crack!!

  11. Lacey says:

    My husband is an educator and sadly we see this all the time! It’s so incredibly sad and it feels like the system is set up to make it okay!

  12. Heart touching story. Every child is special. We should love our children. Great post !

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